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Here are the basics of our story as told by the media.

We worked very hard with CARe to help our fire survivors learn about the recovery process through the workshop schedule outlined on our home page:

"Crusader Provides CARe To Fire Victims"

We also kept in touch with survivors through our newsletters (print and email) and this website

We kept in touch with other survivor groups:

"Wildfires summit finds recovery slow"

We uncovered the extent of the underinsurance problem:

"Homeowners haunted by underinsurance"

And then did research to determine what we thought was the root of the problem:

"Wildfire Victims Question Insurance Cost Calculator"

We testified about what we thought the cause of the problem to be at a hearing held by the CDI:

"Garamendi to hold local investigatory hearing"

"Garamendi is ready to question insurers"

"Garamendi questions insurers about coverage estimates"

"Hearing focuses on how to better protect homeowners"

Click HERE for the official transcript

We also testified about our insurance problems to the State Senate Insurance Committee

"Fire victims promised state's help with insurers"

Click HERE for the official transcript

And legislation was proposed "Insurance bill addresses fire victims' complaints"

And I think we pretty much proved how people got to be underinsured:

"Coverage gap in rebuilding linked to cost calculators"

Marshall and Swift then removed that part of the software from their program:

"Marshall & Swift/Boeckh Urges Agents to Halt Use of Quick Quote"


We also had the appropriate celebrations:

"Victims meet in happier times" (one year anniversary)

"Old Fire victims cheer progress" (two year anniversary)

...where the framed "resolution" by the Chief of Staff from Senator Soto's office was presented


Because of the information CARe brought to our area, many people got increased settlement amounts:

"Owners Are Paid Over Policy Limits"

Including my mother. You can read her story at:

And one fire survivor recently won a $5.2 mil judgment against their insurance company.

"Fire victims to get $5.2M"  ...although not everyone won their suits:

Jury finds for Allstate in fire-related insurance case

We even worked with State Senator Soto to get legislation passed:

"Governor signs 2 bills by Inland lawmakers"

SB477 official synopsis

We have received recognition from:

California State Department of Insurance

Senator Nell Soto

and the City of San Bernardino


And the recovery process still goes on:

"Home? Not yet" (this story originally ran Dec 2005) on the front page of the LA Times Real Estate Section where it took the entire page above the fold.)

Old Fire's Scars (this story ran on the front page of the Local section of the Riverside Press Enterprise on the third anniversary of the fire Oct 2006).

New home puts Old Fire to Rest” by Mike Cruz, San Bernardino Sun (April 22, 2007) Page 1 | Page 2

“Old Fire” Recovery Lingers Radio News Spot by Inland News Today

      (this story ran on KVCR radio on April 23, 2007) and can be heard HERE or HERE

"Coming Back from Disaster The Resilience of the Human Spirit" (Dec 4, 2007) Radio Interview by by Diane Brandon.

      Archived shows can be downloaded HERE

To see information about the actual fire (as opposed to the recovery), please see the "Our Disaster" section link above.

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